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Okay, parenting is hard!  You wouldn't change it for the world, but ooooh can it feel overwhelming and exhausting... and, at times, if can feel like you've a hit a wall!  I get it.  I've worked with many parents over the last 11 years who were in the exact same place as you.  Your kids didn't come with a manual and even all the books you read couldn't prepare you for some of the hard times because let's face it, your kids are unique.  It's been my experience that each parent-child relationship has it's own special blueprint.  So, even in families with multiple kids, your parenting style can shift from child to child, which can feel confusing and according to your child, "not fair!"

Then, your child hits puberty and, wow, things just fall off the rails!  All of a sudden, your kid doesn't give you the time of day... and, you're left with mixed feelings of sadness, where did my sweet kid go, and frustration of what do I do now?  And soon, you'll have a teen on your hands who's more concerned with their friends and planning for the future, leaving you feeling left behind and missing that meaningful connection with them.  The good news is that you can feel connected with your child at any age because attachment goes from birth to adulthood!  The connection just looks different from stage to stage.  So, let's figure out what stage you're in and work through it together! 

I can help you navigate through your parenting struggles with communication, routines, follow-through, behaviour challenges, relationship/connection, transition, emotional dysregulation, and much more.  If you're a single parent, or even in a parent partnership, it can feel lonely.  Having support as a parent can make all the difference in your ability to cope from day to day!  Or, maybe you're someone in a caregiver role?  You've taken on this self-less act of raising another human being and need help!  I have worked with many people like you and am always amazed at the dedication that comes with this.  

If you resonate with any of these experiences, book your complimentary consultation now to see if I can support you!

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