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Individual Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Having a tough time? If you're a young person age 16 to 24, you've come to the right place.  This can be an exciting time... exploring independence or making plans for your future brings new milestones and sometimes, new challenges.  Not only are you trying to figure all of this out but you're also having to deal with outside pressures, expectations, and maybe judgment or criticism about how you're doing it!  It's been my experience that many young people feel misunderstood, especially by their parents or caregivers.  Although these people mean well, it can be hard to know how to handle it or how to communicate in a way that makes you feel heard or trusted that you have things under control.  You could also be questioning your own abilities and wondering "can I even do this?!"  I believe with the right support and confidence in yourself, you sure can!

Or maybe you're feeling anxious or down?  This is a common experience for many people; however, as a young person, you're experiencing unique pressures that can make those feelings especially challenging!  I can help alleviate these feelings by giving you a safe space to share and to learn how to cope during these challenging times.

Ugh... and then there's that relationship, you know the one, where you keep having the same conversation over and over or the same fight or argument? It's my opinion that relationships are one of the hardest things we have to figure out, whether it's with friends or other significant people, it can be tough!  If you're having a hard time in an important relationship, let's talk about it!  Communication styles can be key in how people connect with others and by making small changes in how you interact with others , I am confident that you can create positive changes in your relationships and connection with others. 

If any of these things are happening in your life or maybe it's something totally different, book your

complimentary consultation now to see if I can help!

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